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Peaceful Places

places to go to find lessons, examples, or encouragement towards peace.

The Abbey of St. Ulric the Eclectic

     The Abbey is the home page of Jonathan Thorn. Go there and then click on his page about "Siochan."  Siochan, which means "peace" in Irish Gaelic, is Mr. Thorn's seven day celebration dedicated to peace.  Reed about it and learn how to celebrate.


    The Stop the Hate website is a site asking people to speak up and out against violence.  It also has information on spiteful groups and how to look out for them in the area or on the net.

World Peace Day I

     One of the many pages dedicated to a world peace day full of meditation and prayer. 


The link above goes to a web page promoting the idea of stoping child abuse.  They have newspaper articles, faqs, etc. on every facet of the subject.

Help Jacqui - The Jacqui Saburido Story.

The site is really there to tell the story of Jacqui Saburido, a young woman who was horribly burned and scared due to the actions of a drunk driver.  However, I list it as a place of peace, as this remarkable young woman harbors no hatred towards the young man who's one time irresponsible action did this to her.  Instead she forgives him, imbraces him and his family and hopes they can move on and continue life, as she strives to do.  Truely one of the most beautiful examples of true peace, love, and courage, our world has ever seen.


Heroic Stories


      A lovely site where people echange stories about miracle moments, touching scenes, random acts of kindness that show the good side of human kind.  As their site says: "Restoring faith in humanity.....one story at a time."  Go visit and be uplift

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