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Welcome Winter Sunset

A site dedicated to victims of violence and the road towards peace.


Why is it as adults we can't see the way towards peace,
but our children can?
Why is it we become afraid of differences,
instead of embracing change?
Why is it we're suspicious of our neighbors,
instead of welcoming them as family?
Our choise is clear, live in peace or die in fear.
Which do you choose?


Note:  Attempt to add a banner link to a ring site caused a crash of the entire site 6/28/08.  Everything needed to be rebuilt.  Temple of Inspiration, our Amber Alert links, the new Peace Link page, and the new updates to current are all under construction.  Please come back soon to see progress. Thank you. - Courtbard aka Jonathan-Jetski Thorn




This page founded in 1999, new foundation in 10/3/2003, rebuilt in 6/28/2008.

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