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Abortion - Violent?

my views on abortion

So, here I am about to speak out on a very volatile subject.  I have in my dedications some to those who have been aborted.  Becuase of this, I am asked what my stance is on this and I will explain here.


    The subject, itself plain and simple:   To be simple and direct, I consider abortion to be murder.  A life is growing inside someone.  To me, regardless of the fact that it can't 'see' or 'hear' or 'speak' yet, doesn't mean that it's not alive.  In my minds eye if we take the debate or why it's not a living thing  we could apply those same reasons to about half the suffering senior citizens in the world as well, but we don't kill them....

   I don't consider it birth control either.  Yes, I'm a guy.  I don't know the workings of woman's body or what they go through, but I do believe the following things.  If one doesn't want to have a child then one needs to think about the circumstances of what s/he are doing.  Sex (unprotected) = babies!  Period.  Simple fact of life.  No way around it.  If one is a woman, and one doesn't want kids then the following applies: #1 CLOSE YOUR LEGS!  A lot can be said for abstinence.  Sex isn't the end all of experiences in life.  #2  Okay, I agree, sex is pretty enjoyable, so, how bout the pill?  They were created for a reason.  #3   So you don't think I'm a male chauvenist pig... there are times and reasons when a woman can't take the pill, so in that case get your guy to sheath himself!  Or even all the time he needs to be responsible too!  Use a condom.  If he's unwilling, dump his butt to the curb!  Apparently he doesn't care enough about you to consider your feelings or the consequences, and then most likely won't care or help pay for the child that might be created.  In short there are far to many reasons and ways to prevent conception to have to resort to abortion.

    Now there are two acceptions I would grant: rape and harm to the mother.  I would hope that most women are strong enough that if they've been raped and impregnated that they could continue to carry the child, give birth, and then place it up for adoption.  Adoption does work. I should know. I was adopted and I have two very wonderful parents.  However, not everyone can be that strong after such a devistating act of violence.  Sometimes the mental abuse from that situation overrides the physical that occured.  In that case, I can see the reason to decide to abort.  I still wouldn't like it, but I can see it.  Does a woman really want to carry a part of a criminal inside her?  Probably not.....

     Risk to the mother is the other one.  Sometime the biology goes astray.  The formation isn't correct.  It's going to create a serious health problem: the mother could die, the mother AND child could die, or the baby is not going to survive to term and cause much physical pain and damage to the mother.  On those grounds I can accept the choice, albeit in some cases a difficult one as one is having to make a choice over whose life is more important....


    Abortion with the law:   Coming from my standpoint, that of a Christian, I have an answer that is usually quite hard to take for most Christians, but here it is and my reasons why.

    I am for abortions and their clinics to stay open.  My reasons are as follows.  #1 From my belief, I am told God gave us all the power of free will.  We can not take that from people.  Their decisions into what's right and wrong are theirs to make.  #2  The former mothers.  These women will go off with their own will and make the decision.  I would rather them make it at a decent medical clinic, then some back water dirty alley.  I know, I know, most of you are going to say, "So what?  it's their choice.  They get scrapped wrong, they die.  Their choice. They die...."   But one is just looking at people that way and not their souls.

   From the Christian stand point, those babies, haven't been born.  They haven't been born into sin and thus they're going to be in heaven. But what about the mothers?  If you belive this act to be murderous, what are you going to do for the soul of that woman who goes in, has it done wrong and then dies, bleeding to death?  The possibility of two lives, two souls, being lost is too great this way.  I would rather these women be at a safe, sterile, professional clinic, so that at least ONE of them comes out alive, and perhaps later, the woman can seek forgiveness, salvation.....  The otherway she's condemed to death physically and spiritually.


    So there's my view on abortion, and why I have it listed as a violent act.  It doesn't mean that my view is correct or can't be debated.  However, I hope this page hasn't ruined your trip to this site.  I did need to put in the reply though as many have asked and they deserved to know why I did what I did.


  P.E.A.C.E. - courtbard