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About This Page

How this page came to be...


I created this page after seeing the victims of Kosovo and Littleton, Colorado on the news.  My mind couldn't stand it any longer.  Where is all this violence coming from and how can we stop it?  I took a long while thinking about this and decided that one more page against violence on the web, may or may not be an answer, but it couldn't hurt.

     At that time I dedicated my page each week to a different victim of violence.  Unfortunately, my time has become limited so I can no longer do that.  I simply don't have the resources to continue that labor of honor and love.  The first years of this page 1999 - 2004 were dedicated weekly, from then on it is dedicated monthly and I now spend a lot of time hunting other peace pages and linking to them to help spread warmth and happiness.

     Concerning the victims are on this page, they are, of course, almost always people.  People:  our most precious resource in life.   What a tragedy it is too loose them. With the exception of a deity, people are our only source of love, happiness, pride, strength; how can someone just look at another life and then throw it away like yesterday's garbage?  The stories one can read are mind numbing.  One can lie awake at night and wonder, "Just how can people do these things?"

     It is because of that thought that besides my dedications I have a page dedicated to inspiration.  It is a collection of stories and poems meant to uplift the human spirit.  To focus too much on the sorrow of life is to slowly allow ourselves to die of depression.  And so... I have the Temple of Inspiration page to balance out my webpage and maybe our lives.


    Now onto our guiding lights, the people whom I have dedicated this page to in the past.  Their names, pictures, and links if available, are there so their memories may continue to burn bright and show the very reason why violence must be stopped.  Unfortunately, I can not list the stories as I once did.  My time and computer are running too fast and slow. :)  However I have placed a candle by their name and one can tell how and why they were killed according to it, and the following chart:


    Red: Sexual Assult, Rape, Stalking, Domestic


    Pink: Racial, sexual, or religious hate crimes.

    Orange:  Improper Actions: A hit and run. 

                 drunk driving, and so forth.

    Yellow: Child Abuse: Kidnapping,

                  Pornography, molestation.

    Green: Materialistic.  Burglary, theft, etc.

    Blue:Unknown or for no reason whatsoever.  

             Something out of the blue.

     Sky Blue: Kidnapping/ disappearance

    Purple:  Violence done in jealousy. (Not that,

            that provides a justifiable excuse for the  


    Lilac:  Animal Abuse (Not human, but they do


    Brown: Cases tried improperly or unjustly.

    Grey:  Acts of violence under the influence of

              drugs, alcohol, etc.


     I hope that this page does provide some comfort, care, and change in the world.  I hope that it heightens one's awareness of what's going on, yet uplift's one's soul as well.  If you are one who strongly desires peace in this world, you may also click on the "Peace List" and find out how to join so many of us who are praying, meditating, or thinking for world peace.


     I'd like to thank all my friends and family for their support.  Also, thanks must go to the families whose relatives I have dedicated this page to.  They have been a great source of help, guidance, and inspiration.


     Oh, also I should mention that all graphics on this page are either mine, from the families of the victims, or Tripod.com.


      Thank you for stopping by and remember.....


      "Peace should be more than just a word.  It should be an acronym meaning: P eople E njoying A  C ultural E xchange.  I pray that you are in a state of P.E.A.C.E." - Jonathan Thorn (c) 1996


      Good Day,