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Ribbons & Their Meaning

an idea expanded upon




The looped ribbon is being used so much today, and a simple thing it is to create and use too.  But the meanings are becoming confused and passe as the run of the ribbon almost seems worn out.  And with only so many basic colors to choose from, some have been overlaped in meaning and stances it's hard to tell who knows what one is supporting or condeming....

  So I rethought the problem a bit and I have created my own.  Well seriously, with the exception of the Columbine ribbon and 9/11 (which was an obvious choice) No one has put a great deal of thought into these, they just chose a color and went with it.

  So now I present to you my gallery of ribbons.  Some have changed.  Some have not.  They also all have a golden dove pin holding them together to symbolize the peace, love, & support we hope comes to victims of each circumstance.  If you want spread them around and link them back here, fine by me. :)  However, if you really want something to link back, take my dove-n-ribbon logo, which stands for world peace.  Use that as my banner on your web page.  Just be sure to link it back to:  .  Thank you.


 Red: Support for victims of AIDS/AIDS awareness

 Orange: Support for victims of cancer (any kind lung, breat, testicular, etc.)

 Yellow:  Support for P.O.W./ M.I.A.

 Green:  Support for the Earth and its eccosystem.

 Blue: Support to victims of substance abuse (all forms alcohol, drugs, etc.) 

 Purple: Opposition to cruelty towards animals

 Pink:  Victims of Scams (email, lovers, telephone....)

 Brown:  For those misjudged/mishandled by government

               authorities/court cases.

 White:  It stands for peace.

  Black:  I wear that color when I am mourning the loss of a relative or friend.

  Black & Pink:  Opposition to sexual oriented hate crimes.

  Black & Purple:  Opposition to religious oriented hate crimes.

  Black & Blue:  Opposition to domestic violence.

  Black & White:  Opposition to racial hate crimes.

  Black & Yellow: Infant Loss (miscarriage, SIDS, etc.)

  Pink & Blue:  Opposition and support to victims of child abuse (porno incl'd)

  Pink & Yellow: Diabetes

  R, W, & Blue:  Support for the victims of 9/11

  Red to White:  Opposition to and support of victims of kidnapping.

  Yellow to White: For those who committed or attempted Suicide.

  Purple to White: For those suffering from Alzheimers.


  For those of you who might be wondering why I don't have a rainbow ribbon. Click below to learn of the Rainbow, what it stands for me (and many others) and what happens when people don't read, don't know, or don't keep track of other things happening in the world.
























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