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Past Dedications 2002


The lights of our lives, still shinning to brighten our world.

Due to the background, cases that should be green are listed in white.

Dec. 21 - 27, 2002: Dedicated to Sylvia Likens.  A tragic tale from Indiana where a young lady placed in care of someone, dies due to malnourishment, 100's of burns and brandings.  She now is a symbol for the community to be ever vigilant.

Dec. 14 - 20, 2002:  Dedicated to Joshua Woods.  A young man brutally murdered while he babysat two children.

Dec. 7 - 13, 2002:  Dedicated to Ryan Katcher, a missing college student.  He was brought home from a party, but the next morning.....???  If you have any information please contact the family.

Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2002: Dedicated to Michael Spurlock.  A friend made a poor misjudgment, thinking he could control a car while intoxicated.  How did he control the car?  By driving 117 mph down the road and running head on into a utility pole.  His judgement proved worse as he gets out of the car and leaves his friend, Michael, behind, unaided, to later die of brain trauma.  To quote the parody song "Carol of Cocktails":  don't be a dink watch what you drink; don't be a dork, don't pop the cork; don't be a heel, don't take the wheel; don't drink and drive!

Nov. 23 - 29, 2002: Dedicated to Sheri Ann Ford.  An intelligent and beautiful young lady has her life cut short by a person or persons attempting to burglarize her apartment.  Being needy to a point where one feels it's okay to steal is one thing, taking another's life in order to continue to do it is another.The case is till unsolved.

Nov. 16 - 22, 2002:  Dedicated to all the victims of the "Washington DC Sniper(s)"  They've caught John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, claimming them to be the snipers.  If they are, if they aren't, let us hope that the sniper understands why picking off innocent people does NOTHING to help society or its problems.

Nov. 9 - 15, 2002:  Dedicated to "Patti" Adkins.  A young woman & mother has mysteriously disappeared. Help find her.

Nov. 2 - 8, 2002:  Dedicated to Sarah Payne.  Yet again a young flower of life crushed at the hands of a pedophile.  This time however, the young girl inspires action and a new UK law.

Oct. 26 - 1, 2002:  Dedicated to Amanda Milly Dowler, a 13 year old girl, found murdered.  The life, the talent, the love, lost. Why?

Oct. 19 - 25, 2002:  Dedicated to Nicole Rodriguez.  Another star taken by "J.B. Schminoff" behind the wheel.  Folks remember drinking and driving becomes a most violent act not just to one's self but to others around them.  Be responsible.

Oct. 12 - 18, 2002:  Dedicated to Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman, two very young lifes snuffed at the hands of a pedophile.  Children are not for sex.  Children are not for abuse!

Oct. 5 - 11, 2002: Dedicated to Michael Sauer.  A young man loses his life while protecting two young girls from an attack by a drug crazed gunman.  How much love, light, precious moments was this world denied when a drug induced frenzy claimed Mr. Sauer's life?  To the man who did this:  would you have committed the same action if you were not hopped up on drugs?  Do you feel remorse for what you've done now?

Sept. 28 - Oct. 4, 2002: Dedicated to Tomi-Terre (there's an accent over the last e) Hollingshed.  A beautiful young woman,  intelligent, caring, a dancer, has her life cut short by a man who thinks she is his to take.  Meeting her at a graduation party, the man invites her and her friends to attend another party.  Once there he sneaks her around to the alley where he rapes her, beats her, and then sets her on fire to burn to death.  If she was such an object of beauty why would one want to destroy it?  Would it have not be better to let her live and continue to shine today?

Sept. 21 - 27, 2002: Dedicated to Jason Webb.  It's not a violent act, but a gross negligence of responsibility.  A man takes a young boy out deer hunting: #1 with shot guns during archery season. #2 Takes the boy out in the field without either of them wearing safety vests, etc. #3 Tells the young man to meet him back at the truck at the end of the evening. #4  Returns at twilight to the truck and shoots at the first thing that makes noise in the brush.  Guess what it is.  Carlessness, thougtlessness, and a boy's life is taken because of it.  How hard is it to think?

Sept. 14 - 20, 2002: Dedicated to Carol Sowards.  A woman who is living with such abuse knows she is going to die at the hands of her abusive ex.  Finally one day it does indeed erupt, she dies due to a massive trauma to the head.  People, please, if you are suffering at the hands of abuse, get out NOW!

Sept. 7 - 13, 2002:  Dedicated to Jahi Turner, a 2 1/2 year old boy is missing since April of 2002.  If you have any info contact the family, please.

Aug. 31 - Sept 6, 2002:  Dedicated to Mandy Lynn Wardop.  A young life cut down by someone who thinks stalking is alright.  She broke of a relationship with one young man, and two answered her decision by one beating her senseless and the other smothering her to death.  Gentlemen, when it's over, it's over.  Get over it.  People are not material objects one rightful owns or posses.

Aug. 24 - 30, 2002: Dedicated to Edward Van Patten.  A bright, courteous, young man is invited over to a friend's house to spend time with two buds.  He's known one friend for 8 years.  What happens?  The two friends had committed a robbery at a store and had told Edward about it.  In fear that Edward would inform the police, they strangled him and dumped his body in the woods.  Nice way to treat a friend guys. So, tell me, is the time served for murder better than the time served for robbery and asault? 

Aug. 17 - 23, 2002: Dedicated to Casey Melton.  A young lady, possibly a future teacher, an activist against drunk driving, is hit and struck returning home on her prom night, by a drunk driver.  One of the most magical nights of a person's life, shattered, along with a glorious person.

Aug. 10 - 16, 2002:  Dedicated to Ms. Mason.  A woman who suffered abuse at home, grew up to move into a relationship with an abusive man who hurt while pregnant!  To this day she still is receiving abuse from her mother.  But have heart, she is striving to move on from both abusive people and live a happy life with her children.  One can move on from the abuse.

Aug. 3 - 9, 2002:  Dedicated to all the helpless animals that find themselves in "roadside" zoos.  The conditions are horrible.  Once person investigating them described it as "A Victorian metal institution, complete with screams." Horrible.

July 27 - Aug. 2, 2002: Dedicated to William "Bebo" Lilly.  Under the guise of a person needing assistance with rent for a 2 bedroom house, a man asks Mr. Lilly to become a roommate.  Sometime later, the family is horrified to discover Mr. Lilly's stuff has disappeared and William has been shot to death and buried in a drum in someones back yard.  Why?

July 20 - 26, 2002:  Dedicated to Clint Shores.  All the information that is out there.  The protests.  The laws.  It is sad that yet again, another young soul has lost their life to a drunk driver.

July 13 - 19, 2002: Dedicated to Tracey Frazer.  A woman, procting her family's interest and lives from pot and animal abuse, pays for it with her life.  A man arguing with her on the topic takes it and knife way out of hand.

July 6 - 12, 2002:  Dedicated to refugees of Cuba.  It is understandable that a country wouldn't want it's people making a mass exodus, but to flat out kill the people leaving in cold blood?    Sinking boats filled with people, forcing them to stay on board.  Throwing granades onto rafts and boats, straifing the sea full of people with gun fire.  If you want to stop people from leaving Cuba, how about changing the conditions they live in instead of murdering them.  At some point you'll run out of people.

June 29 - July 5, 2002: Dedicated to Jeff Hoffer.  Another young man whose life was cut short by the irrational thinking of a drunk driver.

June 22 - 28, 2002: Dedicated to Wendy Stone-Ratcliff.  A young woman has a problem with an addiction.  It is a personal struggle that only those who fight, uderstand.  But somewhere, within the haze of this, someone thought her life worth taking.  It wasn't drugs that killed her, it was a thoughtless person who murdered her.  Over what?  drugs?  money?  It matters not, she was worth more than that.

June 15 - 21, 2002:  Dedicated to Jonnathan Thomas.  Another young man, the light, the life of a family's world turned off because someone thought a few beers wouldn't hurt their driving.  Please remember Don't Drink & Drive.

June 8 - 14, 2002:  Dedicated to Susan Miller.  A young woman left an abusive relationship and had started a new life with a loving husband and children.  The ex, unwilling to believe she doesn't want him, goes to "just talk with her" but beats her to death as well as rapes her and kills her unborn child, Christopher.  The act is so devestating, a year later her other son, Tyler, can not bear the greif and horror of it and takes his own life.  Abusive behavior creates a terrbile ripple that hardly any can stop.  Why start it?

June 1 - 7, 2002:  Dedicated to Christopher Miller (see June 8 - 14 for story.)

May 25 - 31, 2002:  Dedicated to Tyler Miller (see June 8 - 14 for story)

May 18 - 24, 2002: Dedicated to Paul Luna.  Somewhere a person decided to make Paul another statistic against drunk driving, as they decided to take the wheel inibriated and struck him while driving.  What could possibly make the taking of a young life seem okay so that people continue to drink and drive?

May 11 -17, 2002:  Dedicated to Jessica Ann Koopmans.  One day a young girl left to play with her friend two houses down.  Seven days later she is found dead in a field.  Why? Who? She's a child!

May 4 - 10, 2002: Dedicated to Christopher Savin.  While on his way home from work, a man he didn't know shot him.  Just opened up and shot him.  The reason? The man wanted to know what it was like to kill another.  Mister, I sincerely hope that you feel to the very depths of your soul's core, the emptiness and sorrow you have caused the family, and are haunted daily, by the loss of positive energy, happiness, and love, Mr. Savin could've have provided the world.

Apr. 27 - May 3, 2002: Dedicated to Richard Lee Langosh.  A young man stops off at a bar to call his girlfriend and tell her he is on his way home.  At the same time, the bartender has thrown out an over intoxicated individual and cut him off of the booze for the evening.  The drunk's answer? To come back in with and gun shoot the bartender.  Richard tries to clam the man down and persuade him to give Richard the gun.  Inibriation man shoots Richard, killing him.  Richard died a hero, selflessly trying to get the gun and protect friends, but that shouldn't have been the scenario.  I admit, I like to drink, but to drink to such excess so as to loose rational though completly, to forget what all took place at the party......I'm sorry to many lives are lost/ruined that way.

Apr. 20 - 26, 2002: Dedicated to Craig & Scott Shults.  Craig was found murdered, shot in the back twice.  No known reason why.  But the heinous act did not take just one life, for about two years later, unable to deal with the pain and greif caused by the loss of his brother, Scott shot himself committing suicide.  Proof that one viloent act can ripple out and effect others.  Should we not send out waves of peace instead?

Apr. 13 - 19, 2002: Dedicated to Inga Klinger.  A sixteen year old girl, was looking for a place to make a phone call.  A twenty year old man showed her where.  In reality he wanted sex; she refused.  A refusal of course meant that he had the right to murder her, which he did, stanbbing her 24 times and then raped her and dumped her in a garbage bin.  Too cruel for words.....  No means no.  Why couldn't one have left her alone and let her life go on giving joy to others?

Apr. 6 - 12, 2002: Dedicated to Christopher Ray.  A young boy of fourteen is innocently sleeping on the couch and a friend of the young man comes over places a pillow over Christopher's face, and proceeds to stab him 38 times.  The "friend" sat back watched young Master Ray die and then stabbed him again afterwards.  No reason? No motive?  Why?  Why the just outright taking of another life? Senseless and sad.

Mar. 30 - Apr. 5, 2002: Dedicated to Aldwin McNeal.  A man is prosecuted unjustly for a murder he didn't commit.  Please read his eveidence and support him.

Mar. 23 - 29, 2002:  Dedicated to Joachim Lovschall.  A Danish man who interested in Hispanic culture, indeed cultures around the world, is brutally shot down in Cuba for walking on an unmarked, unbarricaded, military section of sidewalk.  No warning, no attempts to subdue him politely, just shot down. Barbaric.

Mar. 16 - 22, 2002:  Dedicated to Janice Marie Jones.  A lovely lady, mother of two has a problem: an exboyfriend who feels it's appropriate to stalk, rape, and hurt her.  In one last act of violence, in a rage he punches her so hard he flings her back a few feet and causes traumatic brain damage resulting in death.  How, where, does anyone get the idea this is correct thinking?

Mar. 9 - 15, 2002: Dedicated to Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash.  A woman looking to help her people during the turmoil of the late 60' & 70's has had her name besmirched, was kidnapped, raped, shot in the head. So many people know something about the case, but lie, or hide, or keep silent. Investigators think they have the killers, but who "ordered" it done?  So much smoke screen and mud slinging to cover up tracks, all they have done is bury a person, her memories, and soul. This case has so many points, I know not how to classify it.

Mar. 2 - 8, 2002:  Dedicated to Nicole Bohlmeier.  A young man asks to borrow money to purchase a car.  He doesn't intend on repaying Nicole.  In fact, he lures her to his home with hopes of repayment and allows his current girlfriend to stab her while he does nothing.  Tragic.

Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2002: Dedicated to James "Adam" Jenkins.  An impaired driver in the middle of a police chase, takes another life.  A young boy, his hopes, his dreams, a family's love, gone.

Feb. 16 - 22, 2002: Dedicated to Rhett Forrester.  A man, a fairly well known rock icon has his life ended by somemen who literally shoot him down like a dog in the highway.  They shot him at an intersection and left, disappearing.  If you have any information, contact athorities.

Feb. 9 - 15, 2002: Dedicated to Miranda Dillon.  Three beautiful young girls. Three lights of light in a family's life.  Three lives cut down by the carelessness of another drunken driver.  I'd rather see a life in front of me, than a bottle.

Feb. 2 - 8, 2002: Dedicated to Jodi Dillon (See Feb. 9 -15, 2002 for story)

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2002: Dedicated to Katie Dunsworth (See Feb. 9 -15, 2002 for story)

Jan. 19 - 25, 2002:  Dedicated to victims who had the best intentions, but were hurt by hospitals.  It's an unusual request, but one that needs to be told.  I have had friends who have had family members die.  That person was an organ donor and the family was so happy and proud of the good it would do.  One can imagine the horror however when the family  discovered an addtional $2,000-6,000 added to the bill for the removal of the donated organs.  Before you sign that organ donor card, make sure you know what your state's laws, and the hospital's procedure is on this.  Otherwise it's a donation that cost greiving families plenty.

Jan. 12 - 18, 2002: Dedicated to Paul Robichaux.  A young man is crushed by a drunk boat opertator. Drunk driving, combined with a water vehicle.  If we can't control it on the road, what made that man think he could on the water?

Jan. 5 - 11, 2002: Dedicated to Karen Jo Smith, A mother of two from Indianapolis, Indiana, missing and pressumed dead.  The killer is still out there.  If you have any knowledge, contact the family.

Dec. 29, 2001- Jan. 4, 2002:  Dedicated to  Jeffery Ola.  A man on the phone with his mother, in his front yard.  Out of nowhere he's shot nine times. If you have any info to help out the family, please contact them.